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Beware of fake websites

LendingStar has detected fake websites that are trying to rip off your ETH! Do not send ETH to these websites! Make sure you are on our official website by comparing the banner and URL to this one:

Beware of Slackbot reminders

Scammers are exploiting Slack’s remind feature to initiate a Slackbot direct message to users. Please ignore any direct messages from Slackbot. The team will never use Slackbot to direct message you.

Beware of myetherwallet (MEW) links

There are also cases of scammers direct messaging users with an urgent announcement on smart contract errors. They will provide you a “myetherwallet” link, which is actually a phishing website. Entering your details there will allow the scammer to capture your details and you will lose all your tokens. Please do not click on any links in direct messages.

Beware of fake emails and social links

Be alert for fake emails and other social messages that pretend to come from LendingStar. Only reply to emails sent from

Recognise scams

The only way we will communicate news is via our private email list, official website, sign up page and Medium channel, and our official #announcements channel in Telegram.

Be suspicious of any other sources.