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It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Invest in LendingStar

November 2, 2017

We’re excited to announce that it’s now easier than ever before to invest in LendingStar! We took a look at our what we had previously set-up as our process and listened to some of your feedback to make changes to make our new process much simpler and more straightforward.

Presale ICO Changes

We’ve removed our presale ICO phases. As of 12:00 local time on November 2nd, our presale campaign will run consistently through the 9th of December, unless we reach our presale cap of 20,000 ETH.

During this presale, the price will remain at 1000 per 1ETH with a minimum contribution of 0,1ETH and volume discounts (one-time purchase) of:

  • 100–300ETH receive a 15% bonus;
  • 301–500ETH receive a 20% bonus;
  • 501–700ETH receive a 25% bonus; and,
  • above 700ETH receive a 30% bonus.

Signing Up and Investing

Signing up and investing just became a whole lot less complicated. That’s because we’re now on imToken, available both iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded and set up your imToken, you’re just a few clicks away from buying LST.

  1. To buy LST, you simply need to send a minimum of 0,1ETH to our Smart Contract address that you can find on your Dashboard at Then, you will automatically be sent the LST Token equivalent to the ETH you used and, of course, the current discounts factored in as well.
  2. You’re going to want to make sure that you add your LST Tokens to your wallet. Simply go the  Assets tab, select the “?” function, then type LST and click OK. ImToken finds the LST token for you and adds it to your Asset list. Now you see your LST balance and can easily transfer it to anyone.
  3. You’re done and now an investor who holds LST Tokens!

We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for you. If you need advice on how to contribute please go to our Help Center, visit our Telegram group, or email to